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2 delivery groups sharing one UPM and FSLogix profile. Different max session durations. The longer max-duration sessions seem to be inheriting the shorter duration policy?



Hello, like many people, we are using Citrix UPM - specifically, these polices mentioned here - in tandem with Microsoft FSLogix. 2203 LTSR. From that page, this seems to be supported by Citrix. We have two delivery groups, one for small, short logons for office workers that logs users out automatically after 3 hours of being idle. The other has no maximum User session duration, and is meant for our programmers and researchers that need to be continuously logged in, in order to run data analysis jobs that take weeks to do.


All session durations on the "small" delivery group are controlled by standard Microsoft RDS group policies, not citrix profile management.


As a control, I also have a delivery group that only uses Microsoft FSLogix and not Citrix UPM, with no session duration limits set. I only needed Citrix UPM due to the need to have two sessions share the same profile for my users so they don't need to do their start menu or taskbar personal pins twice. I'll mention this DG again later.


After a few months of testing internally with my coworkers and I, I rolled it out a couple weeks ago.


Unfortunately I have discovered in the past few days that if a new user (i.e. any of my users who hadn't yet used this new FSLogix/UPM setup I built) FIRST signs into the short delivery group, then signs into the long delivery group, their session in the long delivery group seems to be getting signed out after 3 hours of idle. And on the other hand, if a new user FIRST signs into the long delivery group, then signs into the short delivery group, it's the other way around - their session is maintained forever, just like the long delivery group.


The FSLogix-only delivery group does not have any of these problems. Users stay logged in forever, just as they should.


My question is, what could be causing this? Are there particular exclusion policies I need to be setting to prevent session duration policies from the two delivery group computers getting mixed into the same User profile? I am using just Microsoft FSLogix redirection.xml right now to just exclude large cache folders (Edge, Firefox, Chrome cache, that sort of thing). I am not using Citrix UPM exclusions, but I specifically did not exclude any folders which might have to do with GPOs. It seems like I need to make sure that just policies related to session duration are not being carried from the FIRST logged-in session when the UPM/FSLogix profile folders are being created by a new user logon, into the SECOND session a user creates.

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Hey there Carl, love your website. Yes, I was using Active WriteBack, but on 2203 LTSR there aren't as many options for frequency of writeback vs the Current Release branch.


In any case, what I ended up doing was backing away from using Microsoft GPO for session duration policies, and switching to doing Citrix Policy just for this one thing. That seems to have done the trick; whatever location in the user profile that those policies were getting written to and messing up the short-duration vs long-duration delivery groups must be exclusive to Microsoft GPOs because Citrix policies aren't affected. So while I never found 'the solution' I found a workaround and that will suffice for me. Thank you for replying though; I only got the "did this answer your question?" email from Citrix just today; I had no idea that someone (you) had made a post.

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