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Can a single FAS server serve more than one Citrix Cloud site?



We have two separate Citrix Cloud sites which connect to the same on-premises environment.   They have their own cloud connectors of course, but the AD domain for the users and endpoints is the same.


One of the sites is configured to use SAML and has a FAS server configured, using the Workspace service.  This works fine, but is a very small test environment.   We would like to bring SAML and FAS logins to the main site but I'm not sure if we can just use the same FAS server or would need to build new ones.   It was a while ago that I set the test one up, but I recall having to generate a code to link it to Citrix Cloud.   So I'm not sure if I can use the same server or whether it's now locked permanently to the test Citrix Cloud site.  Initially, the main production site will continue using the on-prem Netscalers, so we'll be creating nFactor policies on it to our SAML provider and only moving to the Workspace service later.


When setting up the FAS server, it pushes template certs into the AD Certificate Authority.   Would it use the same templates, or would I need to install new certs (if that's even possible)?

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