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New teams, CR 2311 Not starting permission error ?


hello all,


I am trying to get the new teams to work with server 2022 and citrix version 2311 non persistent.

for the profile solution i am working with UPM 2311. 


teams has been installed with the bootstrapper etc. ( latest version)


the error that i am having ( what it looks like) is a permission error on the C:\Program Files\windowapps. 

when i want to start teams as a  users nothing happens i see errors in the eventlog . when i change the persmissions on the msteams folder in the C:\Program Files\windowapps location and i add for instance the domain users, after this when i start teams it is copied to the user profile directory and it works. 

( How To Fix “This Access Control Entry Is Corrupted” Error (technewstoday.com)) 


i do not want to change settings in this directory ofcourse... 


it is a new environment in the beginning i did remove the users permissions on the C drive to lock it down. ( as stated by carl stalhood) this is the only change that we made with the persmissions.


does anyone have this error is it a microsoft or a citrix thing. 


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i am seeing several posts about this. some times it starts and then it failes. now i also see the error. the parameter is incorrect ( autostart does not work). 


- when i manually start the new teams the following errors / information ( appmodel / runtime )


- Destroyed Desktop AppX container 96080f08-bf5d-11ee-8c79-005056a6126d for package MSTeams_23320.3021.2567.4799_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.

-0x80070057: Cannot create the Desktop AppX container for package MSTeams_23320.3021.2567.4799_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe because an error was encountered configuring the runtime.

-0x80070057: Cannot create the process for package MSTeams_23320.3021.2567.4799_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe because an error was encountered while configuring runtime. [LaunchProcess]

-AppModel Runtime status for package MSTeams_23320.3021.2567.4799_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe for user domain\user  successfully updated to 0x20 (previous status = 0x0).

-AppContainer onecore\ds\security\gina\profile\profext\appcontainer.cpp Line:1827 Microsoft Teams (work or school) MSTeams_8wekyb3d8bbwe was not created because it already exists.

-Destroyed Desktop AppX container 96080f0a-bf5d-11ee-8c79-005056a6126d for package MSTeams_23320.3021.2567.4799_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.



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Hi Martin,


I use FSLogix for as profile solution and the similar error. 
Have you a fix ? 

I manage to bypass the Ms-Teams_autostarter.exe error by launching the Photo (Appx) application.
Once the applicaiton is started, other Packages are created in the user tree and the Teams application starts.

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Hi Martin (and others),

We also facing similar issues that after the installation with teamsbootstrapper.exe -p (Following all guidelines for Citrix/VDI implementation and the profile solution) in a Windows Server 2022 single session (Server VDI) environment with CVAD 2308. On the goldenimage with the admin who installed it, Teams launches. But for the normal users nothing happens when they log in after deploying it via MCS.

Beside that: Fresh profiles have the icon of the app package in the startmenu, existing profiles not. Testing with a manual shortcut pointing to the AppPackage also results in the same behavior: Nothing happens/nothing opens. Also no direct error message visible. Some information eventlog entries after clicking on it in the related AppPackage eventlogs, but nothing really helpful and nothing with an explicit error message.

We also controlled our GPOs to ensure that we don't have something in place which is denying/preventing the MSIX/AppPackage behavior from doing his work, but in first step it seems ok. Also other App-Packages are loaded properly while creating the user profile.

Beside that some open questions related to the Best Practice way for the deactivation of the AutoStart of Teams 2.0..but at first it has to open ;)

-> What we didn't do until now is editing the security rights of C:\Program Files\windowapps, as we want to avoid it naturally.

Has anyone a valid "How-To" guide for it beside the available MS and Citrix documentation? Is it necessary to change security rights for C:\Program Files\windowapps?

Or can someone confirm that it works well (or even not) for some similar Windows Server 2022 scenarios?

Thanks in advance.

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Same issue for us. We are running 2203 for our non-persistent Virtual desktops on W10 22H2 and "New Teams" just doesn't launch and there aren't any errors. Unfortunately I had to roll back the snap to make additional updates to the golden test image that I was working from but I have now since started to revisit this. Seems like a common problem for a lot of us out there without a fix yet. Really want to avoid touching perms on C:\Program Files\windowapps, Following and thanks

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It seems that there are also some co-dependencies related to the UPM configuration itself, which are not fully mentioned in the official support article, see for example in the reddit link. (https://www.reddit.com/r/Citrix/comments/18xg91b/teams_20_server_2022_vda_2311_citrix_profile/)

..we stopped our tests for the moment after we didn't found a direct solution. So let's see what the next 1 to 2 months are bringing..perhaps we will have full transparency with the new CVAD LTSR and additional customer feedback after more and more companies are switching now.


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