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ADM Scheduld 2 stage ADC upgrade, perform stage 2 upgrade, but does not update job

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We use ADM Service in the cloud and have also an onprem ADM install 14.1 Build 12.30/12.34, so both run the latest version.

When creating the upgrade job we use a 2 stage upgrade for the HA config, with an couple of hours between stage 1 and 2.  We can see in the ADM log "HA two-face upgrade is true" so it sees there will be a 2 stage upgrade. 

For a couple of jobs there is no staged upgrade viewed in the console, for some there is stage 1: scheduled & stage 2: Scheduled show (see ADM1). 

But when the 2nd stage has ran, the job is not updated so Stage 2 is still shown as "scheduled", when looking at the log of the job, we can see the both ADC's has been upgraded.(ADM4)


Is this an (un)known bug? Anyone else seeing this?


THank you!

kind regards, Eric

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