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High CPU Usage on secondary Node since upgrade to

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since upgrade to the Management CPU Usage on our seconday Node is really high (60-100%) and VMWare shows this high CPU Usage.

TOP says it's the NSPPE process.


If found an old post with the information to change the "CPU YIELD" Seetting in  "VPX Configuration Settings" to "Yes" and reboot.

But this doesn't solve the problem.


Any Ideas how to get down the CPU Usage?


Thanks and Regards.

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We have a similar behavior. Management CPU increase to 45-50%. TOP shows "nsgslbautosync" with 6-10% usage. 

After a Failover to other node the failure isnt seen, after failover back to the first node failure dont come back. After restart the machine the behavior is the same as beginning. This we can do the same with the other node. CPU Yield is set to YES. 

We tried some troubleshooting with reset RPC Passwords but here looks all right configured. Active Sessions will be switched to other node after failover because of that i think the failures doenst come from here.

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