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Can´t download any ADC firmware

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Hi folks, 

I'm going to assume that this is a general problem:

Since the release of the Netsacler vulnerability CVE-2023-6548 and CVE-2023-6549 I try to download the firmware, the download page shows several hours only a 404 / or 503 error and After the login worked  now when I accept the "Download Agreement" an error message appears "The page you are trying to access no longer exists or has been moved". 

Does anyone have an idea? 

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1 hour ago, Joshua Raben said:

I messaged my team this afternoon....they stated that this was a known issue with no ETA for resolution.  I keep trying every 15 minutes to get the patch.  No success.

Finally - the files became available.

It's 6:45 PM PST and the files can be downloaded !

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Usually Citrix releases firmware before they publish security bulletin. So you could write some script or use RSS to regularly check for new NetScaler firmware and once you see a new firmware, just download it immediately, just in case it is for a new CVE. Sadly this has become best practice for me to be able to patch new CVEs right away, as the download site is heavily overloaded once Citrix publishes new CVE and I usually have to wait until the next day

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