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Virtual Desktops 2203 W10 22H2 FSLogix black screen

Björn Schläfli


With Windows 10 pvs image patched with december  2023 update KB5033372 users are unable to log in. Stucks at a black screen. It works with MS updates up to october 2023 kb5031356. Starting with october preview kb5031445 the issue exists. 2 different images, newly set up completely. Site is 2203. Tested vda 2203 CU3 and CU4 with no luck. FSLogix 2210 HF1, HF2 and HF0.

The working environment is VDA 2203 CU3, FSLogix HF1, september 2023 patch. 


It seems to be a Citrix issue, because I've uninstalled FSlogix completely but the issue remains and when I log my test user on directly in the VMware console it works. 

Not working environment is VDA 2203 CU3 and later, FSLogix 2210 HF0 and later, october 2023 preview patch and later.


The following is noted in the Citrix 2311 CR known issues:

"You may see a black screen when launching a session if you have FsLogix 2201 HF1 installed on the session host. To address this issue, you must upgrade FsLogix to a newer version. [HDX-46159]"

We use 2203 LTSR, not CR and FSLogix HF2 doesn't fix it (which is the newest) neither. 

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I just tested a clean image with nothing more than vmware tools, citrix pvs target device software and had the same issue. I suspect it's more of a general virtual desktop problem.


The cause here is that the Windows Search service is not starting. It stucks with the status StartPending.

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A colleague informed me that the problem no longer occurs with patch KB5034203. I immediately tested this patch in our test environment and no longer found any problems. There is nothing mentioned about black screen or windows search in the fixed issues list, but Microsoft seems to have fixed it again.

Patch KB5034203

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