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Session Recording 2203 MSMQ Issue

Rastislav Kovac




I've run into an issue with session recording.

I have installed recording agent on Windows Server 2019, which works fine. There are 2 other agents on Windows Server 2022, which seem to run into some problem.

Server is trying to communicate with the recording server. Port 443 is open (I can telnet to it also) and there is an SSL certificate present on the recording server.

When checking MSMQ on the problematic server, I can see it in inactive state or sometimes waiting to connect, which never happens.


Event Viewer just keeps outputting event ID2190 in 10 minute intervals as the server is trying to connect:


Message Queuing could not complete SSL negotiation with the remote computer. It is possible that the server certificate is not properly installed, or that remote computer is not listening on port 443 (SSL). This event is logged at most once per 600 seconds. To change this setting, set \HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSMQ\Parameters\Event2190 registry value to desired time in seconds.


Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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Thanks for the suggestion, in the end I found out it was caused by proxy settings. Even though the proxy was configured to be bypassed for the domain name which was included in the recording server FQDN, it still tried to go through it. I was not able to figure out why, but removing the proxy solved the issue.

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