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Cannot complete your request from Srinivasa Rao Katta




Good  Afternoon.


I  have gotten  "Cannot complete  your  request"   error information on the browser, While I   was trying to access Citrix through  Sorefront url.


After few  minutes  later,I have  got  accessed  the  Citrix  Storefront  url  without  any  problem through  browser.


Please let me  know,What  is  Root  cause  for  above  problem?


We  were  using Netscaler  as  a  gateway  server.


Please advice me.


Thanking  You,







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This can be done by a few things.

1. You don't have XML trust setup on DDC.

2. You don't have the correct A record setup in Storefront from the Gateway url you are accessing.

3. You have callback enabled, but the storefront can't get to the same Netscaler as the gateway url.

4. You are using SSL offload and you don't have Loopback set to On using http in storefront.

5. You are using FAS and the GPO is not applied to the storefront servers.


Check the Application and Services Logs, hit the Citrix Delivery Services and the errors there will help you with this issue.

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You should see error logs on Storefront server eventviewer (Delivery Services). Please post here the log screenshots. Do you have storefront lb on Netscaler? If the connection is getting established after few mins or few attempts, then there might be one faulty storefront server that causing this issue. Main reasons for "Cannot complete your request" is

1. storefront cert is not valid

2. Storefront callback URL under manage netscaler is not accessible or not reachable

3. You dont have Loopback set to "On using http" in storefront

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