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Upgrading OS and citrix from windows 2016 to 2022 and citrx virtual desktop and app 7 1912 to 2103

abdul jaleef


Upgrading OS and citrix from windows 2016 to 2022 and citrx virtual desktop and app 7 1912 to 2103


currently all the components are installed in one server - and version is  7 1912, i need to upgrade the os as well as the citrix to latest version

what is best approach


also if i am planning to install to core components to diffrerent servers what is the best approach 


i have 55 user license only apps are published ,what is the best sizing recomondation

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You're going to have to upgrade from 1912 to 2203 before you do the OS uplift to W2022 because W2022 isn't supported on 1912. High level steps would be:


1912 to 2203:

  1. Upgrade your Citrix license server to latest version.
  2. Upgrade your StoreFront instance(s) to 2203
  3. Upgrade the Delivery Controller to 2203.
    • If it's a VM, take a VM Snapshot of the delivery controller and database server first. 
    • Run the "Test Site" before you install 2203. Only proceed with upgrading the Delivery Controller if all tests pass.
    • I'd run the "Test Site" again after to ensure the site is healthy.
  4. Upgrade all Machine Catalogs and Delivery Controllers to the highest level. 
  5. Upgrade the VDAs from 1912 to 2203. 

W2016 to W2022:

  1. Build new W2022 Delivery Controllers. I would suggest building two so you have some redundancy.
  2. Install Citrix 2203 Delivery Controller software. Join to your existing farm.
  3. To cut everything over to the new Delivery Controllers there are some things to change (if applicable.)
    • StoreFront Store need the Delivery Controllers changed.
    • STA may require updates if using StoreFront with NetScaler. This is set in both StoreFront and on the NetScaler Gateway.
    • HKLM>Software>Citrix>VirtualDesktopAgent : ListOfDDCs" registry key needs to be updated on all VDAs to prevent registration failures.
    • VDA build automation may need to be updated.
    • Any scheduled tasks running on the old controller for maintenance/dashboards would need to be moved over. 
  4. In smaller environments the databases are often installed as a SQL Express instance on the delivery controller. If this is the case, you'll need to migrate the databases to another server. There's a whole process involved to do that. You'd have to let me know if that's required.
  5. Once your confident everything is migrated off you can power down the old delivery controller and do some testing. If everything is still working, power it back on and disjoin the controller from the farm in Studio. Then the W2016 server can be decommissioned.

Good luck. 

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