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Bookmarks - How to use AD group lookup when SAML is the unified gateway authentication method?


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Hi All,


Likely a silly one, I've been clicking around for a while and browsing for answers but haven't had any luck so far.



- Unified Gateway

- SAML authentication profile tied to UG

- Bookmarks configured against AD groups, not virtual server.



- Using SAML auth profile, the bookmarks are not displayed for the user account

- Using LDAP auth as primary basic auth, the bookmarks are displayed based on user AD group membership


I'm guessing without using LDAP as the auth method for the UG, the bookmark groups aren't being enumerated for display.


Can I call the LDAP group lookup behind the scenes at login? I haven't found too much on this so far.




I feel like I am getting closer now.

AAD Enterprise App has been modified to send the SamAccountName of the groups and I can see it in the login process now.

Netscaler SAML SP and AAA Group has been updated - (citrix.com)https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX230661/saml-sp-group-membership-through-adfs



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- Ignore the Set Attribute #2 on the SAML SP Side

- Fill out the Group Name Field under the Authentication SAML Server field to match the tokens reference for groups e.g. - http://schemas.microsoft.com/ws/2008/06/identity/claims/groups

- Using AAA.USER.ATTRIBUTE(3).CONTAINS("AD_GRP_APP_IIS01"), the attribute number didn't matter as long as teh Group Name Field was filled in

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