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Failed to execute the script: vCenter returned an error: InvalidArgument

Graham Mason1709161817


Hi Guys,


just started my App Layering Journey - OS Image created fine, but i am unable to build my first Platform layer -  each time i try and create one i keep getting - Failed to execute the script: vCenter returned an error: InvalidArgument.


ELM - latest

Hypervisor - vcentre v7

OS - server 2022.


any ideas, the only thing which is comming up is a legacy issue with vcentre v5 showing you need to upgrade to v5.5 - https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX223690/app-layering-41-failed-to-create-layer-a-specified-parameter-was-not-correct-url


anyone seen this error before ?


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1 hour ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

Are you using a custom role for permissions or an Admin account?  If custom and you can try with a full admin just to rule out permissions as the issue.

not sure i understand - the AppLayer box is using a custom account/role, but the user account i am using is the default admin on ELM -  i havent setup LDAP yet for full local domain admin login.

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