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Platform layer for creating and updating layers issue

Martin Poirier


I'm trying to get a working platform layer so I can create a layer/layer version, add it to a manual View pool so I can connect to through an endpoint (Zero Client) The goal is to get the layer to 'see' a USB device and capture the correct driver.  Pre-installing the drivers don't help, windows needs the device to be visible so we can assign the correct driver.

Usually when I've done this, I'll have a platform layer  built with just VMware Tools, VMware Agent and domain joined, but everytime I use it, I get a configuration error in View.  Which is odd, since its the same platform layer i've used before.  I created a new version based of my latest OS layer and updated both Tools and Agent, but to no avail.

I've even taken my production Platform Layer (which I know works), created a version with the options for creating/updating layers and it has the same behaviour.

Is there something I'm missing from this process?  This used to work just fine.


Windows 10 VM's, VMware View 7.13, App Layering

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