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IP address change and now can't access apps

Tim Colon




I made an admin mistake and let my citrix servers (storefront servers and VDAs) be out of reservation scope which caused an issue while I was doing patching as a different domain computer got the IP address.


I have since changed them all back into the reservation pool, but after changing their IP addresses I can no longer get applications, and just get an error saying "Your apps are no available at this time."


I tried removing and adding back the delivery groups and the application groups, but no luck. I am not sure if there is a setting somewhere that is still pointing to the old ip addresses or something?


Currently not going through a citrix gateway or anything as I am trying to get the local environment setup correctly before setting all that up.


So far everything storefront seems to be working correctly, it lets me sign in to the workspace application without issue, it's just connecting to the VDA seems to not work, any help on this is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

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