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MPX Limit number of packet cpu

Jeon Min Hwan

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Hello, I have a question regarding the specifications of Netscaler's hardware.

Based on the MPX 5900 equipment, it has a total of 8 cores of CPUs, and the Packet CPU limitations for each model are understood as follows.

MPX 5901
- - MGMT CPU : 1 Core
- - Packet CPU : 3 Core

MPX 5905
- - MGMT CPU : 1 Core
- - Packet CPU : 4 Core

MPX 5910
- - MGMT CPU : 1 Core
- - Packet CPU : 6 Core

However, if you connect the MPX 5901 equipment to the CLI and check it with commands such as stat cpu / stat system -detail, two items of Number of CPUs are output.

Is it different between the CPU Core that I know and the CPU Core that runs on the actual equipment? I'm asking you a question because I'm confused.

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You are right, the 5900 series has 8 CPU cures (see https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/citrix-hardware-platforms/mpx/netscaler-hardware-platforms/citrix-netscaler-mpx-5900 ). These CPUs have to be shared between BSD and NetScaler OS. The license defines, how many CPUs can be used by NetScaler OS. This helps to limit the system throughput. More CPU cores get unlocked, if you upgrade the license. You can see this from BSD by executing the UNIX command top. It displays the top CPU wasters. NetScaler OS is represented by processes running on 100% CPU called NSPPE-##


I hope I could answer your question.

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