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Can I test SSL forward proxy on VPX ?

Gongya Yu

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We are using SSL forward proxy on ADC hardware. I like to understand how it works and do more tests. So created a base SSL forward proxy virtual server on VPX.  When my browser sends requests to the proxy port, proxy does not forward the request to the target web server. 

Any log can I check to see what is wrong ?  


thanks !!

The following is related the ssl forward proxy
 Command "add cs vserver adc-secProxy -td 0 PROXY -range 1 8080 -state ENABLED -stateupdate DISABLED -soMethod NONE -soPersistence DISABLED -soPersistenceTimeOut 2 -redirectPortRewrite DISABLED -downStateFlush ENABLED -disablePrimaryOnDown DISABLED -insertVserverIPPort OFF -Listenpolicy NONE -l2Conn OFF -appflowLog ENABLED -icmpVsrResponse PASSIVE -RHIstate PASSIVE -dtls OFF -noDefaultBindings NO -persistMask -v6persistmasklen 128 -timeout 2 -backupPersistenceTimeout 2 -devno 598147072" - Status "Success" 


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