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Citrix Workspace app cannot connect to the server. Please check you Network connection

srikanth kasichainula


Hi All.

We are facing a challenging and a strange issue when users from a specific corporate network are receiving the error "Citrix Workspace app cannot connect to the server. Please check you Network connection"  when trying to connect one of the published application. where as the same application is getting connected for most of the users accessing from various home/private/office networks. the environment is very simple Citrix XenApp 7.xx version using NetScaler Gateway. 


Wondering is there any specific ports or settings to be applied to avoid this issue or could be a strict firewall policies are blocking the connection to open the application using HTML5 ?

if So, what kind of settings to be allowed to solve this problem ?


to get a better idea on what is happening here is the log file from the client.


INIT :|: CONNECTION :|: WEB SOCKET :|: INFO :|: Current Protocol Index is : 2
CONSOLE:|:log:|:INIT :|: CONNECTION :|: WEB SOCKET :|: Error :|: Websocket Error with code - 1006 | VDA type: Application | Browser Version: | VDA Version: 
SESSION :|: ICA :|: PROXYSERVERCONNECTOR :|: WS Failed, reason:1006
SESSION :|: ICA:|: TRANSPORT :|: DRIVER :|: close with code 1006, undefined
SESSION :|: CGP :|: TRANSPORT DRIVER :|: Abnormal close.
SESSION :|: CGP :|: STATE :|: CGP-CORE :|: Changing core state from :0 To 0




HTML5 Error.png

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yes Jeff. Web sockets are enabled in Citrix policy. as I mentioned only few users are having issues in connecting the application.  this is what making the troubleshooting part very difficult for us . 

3 hours ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

Did you enable websockets in the Citrix Policies for the delivery groups?  I believe the default port is 8008 from the gateway to the back-end Citrix machines.


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On 12/1/2023 at 1:55 AM, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

What browser are they using, and what version of the HTML5 client do you have installed on Storefront? 1006 usually means a client side connection issue.  So updating the HTML5 client might be all you need to do on the Storefront.


If they use the full client instead of the light client, does that connect?

hello Jeff, sorry for the delay in my response to your question. client is using light client and we have installed HTML5 version, when we tried to troubleshoot this issue and checking for IPV4 to enable tracing in our network, what we found is after browsing whatsmyipaddress.com, we are getting IPV6 as primary followed IP4. so could there be a dual stack network issue ? and also we are unable to find any network traces with the IPV4 of the client. in case if it tries to connect using IP6 do we need to make any changes to our NetScaler or VDA (xen server/desktop) configuration ?


thank you,


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