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User Connection Failure on specific VDA

constantinos efthymiades


Hello fellow engineers,


We are facing an issue where a VDA is generating high number of user connection failure. VDA machine in most cases is random and is not consistent, but when it happens, it brings "chaos" because users are not able to logon, they keep trying and they constantly trying to logon on that affected VDA. 


Troubleshoot done so far:

  1. Check online and the most relatable article I could find from Citrix was this: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/419110-high-number-of-user-connection-failures-of-type-other-and-connection-timeout-and-also-vdas-unregistering-and-re-registering-randomly-at-all-hours/ All recommendations apply to that article are already in place without success on solving our case. 
  2. Since our customer is using CyberArk, when we tried to logon on affected VDA, it popped up the following:image.thumb.png.feae78512f07429e7beedb3a5caeb4ff.pngPlease note when we are trying to connect to any other VDA, we do not face the same issue. Also, we are trying to connect to that VDA through vCenter but same, not able to logon successfully. Therefore, we can't the Event Viewer logs.


Has anyone face anything similar? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. 






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