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Multi-Session - Random MCS Catalog update

Bril licenses


I have a Random Allocation type Multi-session OS(Windows 2019) MCS catalog.

there is only one machine deployed i the catalog and users have used up the C:drive of the machine. I want to update the machine catalog after extending the C:drive.

will I loose the data in C:drive? if yes what is preferred was of updating this catalog?

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What data do you have on the C drive?

if using MCS for deploying catalogs, it's generally a bad idea to store any data on the C drives of the deployed machines.

in this instance, I'd manually back up the data, update the image, and restore the data




Ken Z

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Is it a persistent catalog?  Or a non-persistent catalog.  If non-persistent it is already resetting on each reboot.  So you can expand the original image and deploy a new catalog with a larger drive.


If the image is persistent then I agree with Kazimierz.  Backup the c:\ drive, deploy it to a new machine with a larger drive, and don't use MCS for it.  Just use it as a persistent vm.

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