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Are user profils saved after a Citrix Scheduled VDA reboot ?



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When a windows machine cleanly shuts down or reboots, it attempts to do it systematically. By that it sends a message to each open window to close, then attempts to cleanly log out users, which also involves sending a message to the user profile service to cleanly unload the profile. It the shutdown/reboot isn't clean (e.g. blue screen, power loss, etc) then obviously that can't happen. There are lots of articles out there explaining how this works. e.g.




NOTE: Sometimes an application/window will fail to close and save it's data. there is a timeout value (normally 30 seconds) that the OS gives the windows to close before (normally) forcefully closing them, although sometimes I've seen a machine that should have successfully rebooted/shutdown still waiting on the windows to close.




Ken Z

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it depends on what type of user profiles are being used


Local Profiles - these are left on the local machine between reboots, unless you have something that deletes them on reboot (e.g. delprof2 running on computer startup)

FSLogix Profiles - these get unloaded when users log off and are stored on a network share anyway

Citrix UPM - stored on a network share when users log off

Classic roaming profiles - stored on a network share when users log off

Third party profile solutions (e.g. Liquidware Unity) - stored on a network share when users log off




Ken Z

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Thank you. 


I know about roaming profile.


My question is about the behaviour of the VDA during a scheduled reboot. Does the VDA send a logoff command for each user still connected before rebooting or it just reboot and so loca lprofils are not upload to the network share ?

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