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High retries number through VDAs from Provisioning

constantinos efthymiades


Hello fellow Citrix engineers, we are facing an issue of high retries on VDAs through PVS provisioning. Found this Citrix Article: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX222944/troubleshooting-retries-on-provisioned-virtual-machines but after my call with network and storage team, everything looks good. Please note we are rebooting VDAs daily overnight, therefore, we shouldnt receiving retries number such as 800 or some times over 1000. We have 90 VDAs on both sites and we have over 10 affected VDAs daily.

We have rebalance all VDI infra. on hosts and "isolated" PVS servers to mitigate the risk of vDisk streaming on VDAs after the schedule reboot. 

As mentioned, talk to the network team, bandwidth looks good and also storage does not have anything "abnormal" behavior. 


If retries exceed further on affected VDAs, VDAs are going unresponsive, therefore, we must reboot affected VDA and users must logoff and login to new VDA. This has an impact of losing unsaved work which is not acceptable by any management since user is logging off and not disconnected. Please note, so far, retries does not increasing after they reach to 800-1000 retries number.


Has anyone face similar problem and how do we solve this?

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Ensure the PVS servers are in the same network as the PVS target devices.  I have seen inspection and router load cause high PVS retries.  Also make sure that the PVS servers have enough CPU and ram so that they aren't limiting the session bandwidth to the devices.


Ensure all necessary AV exclusions are in place.


How many machines are you targeting per PVS server?

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