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Issues with old Disconnected sessions still showing on Director despite there being no sessions on the VDA server

Alison Stott


We've been having some strange experiences with Disconnected sessions in Citrix Director Cloud console.

When a user disconnects their session some are remaining in the Citrix Director console as disconnected for up to 3 days. This isn't happening on all sessions but intermittently. When you look at the reported server there are no disconnected sessions there.


We currently have group policy set to end disconnected sessions, idle time to disconnect after 30 minutes and disconnected to log off after 30 minutes.


We have noticed that after a reboot of the VDA the sessions do clear from director but our reboot schedule is every 3 days, so we're still seeing disconnected sessions showing for up to 3 days.

Anyone else experienced similar?  Is this a problem with Citrix Cloud monitoring or our set up?


We have already added the 2 following keys also


Name: FastReconnect


Value: 0



Name: DisableGPCalculation


Value: 1


CVAD 2203 LTS CU 3

Windows Server 2022 VDA Desktops

FS Logix

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On the VDA do you see any sessions with no name, just a number on them?  I have seen that causing this issue, the other issue was something with the session being stuck in the database, and a powershell command was able to clear those out.  I will edit this article when I find that powershell command.


Get-BrokerSession -BrokeringUserName DomainName\Username | Stop-Brokersession


If that doesn't work you can hide it with


set-BrokerSession -BrokeringUserName DomainName\Username  -hidden $true

Edited by Jeff Riechers
found powershell commands
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Citrix CVAD Advanced 1912 LTSR CU3


I have a similar issue:


I see in Director one active session on a VDA that I disabled in Citrix and that is powered down.


I tried to "hide" with suggested command:


Get-BrokerSession -BrokeringUserName DomainName\Username | Set-BrokerSession -Hidden $true


But I still see this inexistent active session...


Could you help me?


Thanks in advance.




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