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MCS catalog migration to new storage via storage VMotion



Hi all,
Our datacenter team needs to migrate the storage we use for our Citrix catalogs to a new filer.

They will be adding a new filer to the VMWare cluster and are planning to do a storage VMotion on the VM's that are hosted on the old filer.

In our case these are mainly non persistent multisession MCS catalogs and only one persistent single session catalag with only a few VM's.
From CTX216179 (where Citrix explains that we should create new machine catalogs) I understand this should VMotion sceanrion should work for us since HypervisorConnectionUid and HostingUnitUid won't change. I should be able add new storage and remove remove old storage from the hypervisor connection via "edit storage" after the Vmotion and all should be fine?

A test in our test environment seems to confirm this, but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking something.

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1 hour ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

It won't work, it uses underlying hypervisor uids for creating the linked storage.  With MCS there is hidden images on the vmfs volume that it uses for provisioning.


Best option, just create new machines, swing to them, and shut down the old.  It's faster, easier, and guaranteed to be supported long term.

In that case I don't understand why it works in our test environment. As explained in the Citrix article I cannot see that the referenced ID's are changing when I do the "edit storage" on the hosting resource.

OK, figured out now that the migrated machines' differencing disks still reference the base disk on the old storage.

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