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2203 LTSR CU3


my hard disk fills up after user logon and I can't figure out which process/cache is responsible. Procmon doesn't help me because I only see the server when it's too late. A memory.dmp is not created because the server continues to work - do any of you have an idea how I can find out what is causing the cache disk to burst? The mcsdif still won't mount, correct?

Thanks for your help!

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1. Profiles.  Even streamed profiles cache locally, and they go into that cache.

2. App changes.  If the software updates during run it will use that cache.  Looking at Teams and Browsers.

3. Micro Updates.  Even disabling Windows Update won't stop Edge and Office from updating themselves.


Your writecache drive should be a thin provisioned disk the same size as your c:\ volume.  That will allow you to work on the image, and only take as much space as needed.  I haven't yet been able to run a desktop or server OS on the low 6 GB recommended writecache disk size.

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