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Need help with an http-ecv or custom monitor to check status of vserver on another Netscaler

Richard Roque

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I am running RHI, floating the same IP  either from one data center or another.  They both cannot be up at the same time and a ping monitor will not work because the same IP your checking for might be alive on the Netscaler the monitor is on.  So I have been trying to do an http-ecv monitor with the following:


Custom headers : Content-Type: application/json\r\nX-NITRO-USER: <username>\r\nX-NITRO-PASS: <password>\r\n 

       -send "GET http://10.xx.xx.xx/nitro/v1/stat/lbvserver?args=name:svc_dns_test&attrs=state"    

             -recv "{ \"errorcode\": 0, \"message\": \"Done\", \"severity\": \"NONE\", \"lbvserver\": [ { \"state\": \"DOWN\" } ] }"


                     The monitor fails with     mon_evc_api    ENABLED    DOWN    Failure - TCP connection successful, but application timed out    1    


Is there a way that this can be done with an http-ecv monitor or perhaps with a custom perl monitor using a direct nitro call or maybe using curl (which works from the shell) from one Netscaler to another?  In a custom monitor how could I validate the recv code?


curl -k -H "X-NITRO-USER: <username>" -H "X-NITRO-PASS: <password>"  "http://10.xx.xx.xx/nitro/v1/stat/lbvserver?args=name:svc_dns_test&attrs=state" returns -recv example above


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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