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Version, Updated November 15, 2023

Brian McCaw


This version is no longer working with older versions of Chrome, tested on version 111.0.5563.100 and older, what we found is that Citrix Workspace will not launch, all that is presented is a white blank screen. Is this a know issue with this version or is it the case that Citrix Workspace no longer supports older versions of Chrome?

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You probably will need to rollback your supported client to an earlier version, or if your chromebooks have linux support you might be able to run the linux workspace app.


What I have done with my EOL chromebook is just manually update it to the latest versions.  It's very manual, but if you only have a few books it might be worth it.

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Hi Marc;

It's affecting Chromebooks that are EOL so they are not getting any Chrome updates. Looking at the Chrome Web Store there have been a few others reporting the same issue, we just really wanted to know if Citrix Workspace was no longer supporting older versions of Chrome so we could plan our next steps?

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