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E1000 or VMXNet3 for NetScaler VPX ? (under VMware ESX 7)


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The downloaded ova template comes from E1000 Network card. I added a second Network card (after powering off the NetScaler VPX VM) and powered on the ADC VM.
It is not showing up as a network card (show interface summary or in GUI)

We are on ESX 7 and also we downloaded the latest OVA file for ADC VPX. (We downloaded a couple of days ago  from citrix website)

My question is that


Is  VMXNet3 NIC any better on NetScaler VPX. Ok, OK I know VMware recommends it. But how good or bad is using E1000 NIC on a medium sized network?

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Thanks Carl.. The downloaded version (we had at the time of posting) did not recognize the VMXNET3 card.. There was an article on citrix website, . But the guidelines seems to be for ESXS 5.5 or lower. We are on ESX 7.0 and so I did not experiment it.


Then , after some discussing we decided to stick with E 1000. (Ours is a small environment). Once again , thanks again Carl.


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