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Out of schedule reboots when SQL database has come back online after an outage.

Mark Lynch


Hi All,

I've recently come across a strange issue with one of our older Citrix installations, and I was wondering if anyone else had come across it before.


We a have a 7.15 LTSR installation, and there was some work done over night that took its SQL database offline at lets say 10pm.  Citrix continued to work as expected which was great.

The following morning it was noticed that the SQL Database was still offline and brought back online and the delivery controllers connected just fine.


Now the reason for this entry is that whilst the Database was offline, the scheduled nightly reboots at 2pm didn't happen, but when the SQL database became available at 10am, a short while later it initiated the nightly reboots, which as you can imagine with 1000 people logged on, it wasn't a popular move.


So I was wondering has anyone else come across similar?  I appreciate its an over installation, but I am hoping to run it out, hence why its not been upgraded.

Additionally is there anyway of stopping a scheduled reboot once it has been triggered (aka there is a 15 min window where its counting down, can it be stopped by any method)?


Kind Regards






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Thanks Carl, 

This is very interesting.  By the looks of it, this was implemented after this particular version that is running regarding this issue as the MaxOvertimeStartMins is missing from the output, (but is present on our new Citrix Environment).

Your link however did point me in an interesting direction based on the 2nd part of my query on halting a scheduled reboot.  I came across this article which I thought was interesting : https://www.geursen.net/cancel-citrix-scheduled-reboot-cycle/

Something which I'll have a play about with in a test environment, even if its just to satiate my curiosity on the possibilities.


Thanks again for the pointers.

Kind Regards



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