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Update Machine Catalog: Machine xyz is not found

Romario Sanchez


Infrastructure: Citrix 2203 CU2, Master Image and workers running von ESXi 6.7.0u3


In Citrix Studio when I run "Update Machines" for a Machine Catalog, I often got the Error "InternalErrorMessage: Machine 'srv_xy.snapshot' is not found.".  On the Update window I can choose the Snapshot, so the machine and snapshot exists. To fix that I need to restart both of DDCs. After that I can normally update the catalog.


Is there a solution for that?


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14 hours ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

Do you get the error message when selecting the machine itself?  Are there too many snapshots on the VM currently?

The machine has only one snapshot. No, I can normally select the machine in the step "Master Image" and start the Update. After aprox. 30 seconds I get the error. The only way to fix that is to restart the DDCs.

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