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Citrix Policy - Client clipboard Redirection

Jason Du Preez1709162718


Good day,

I need some clarity with regards to the policy "Client clipboard Redirection".

Will I be able to enable the policy setting of Client clipboard redirection to only allow copy/paste from a published Citrix Desktop session to a published Citrix Application and not to the users end device. So basically if I select text within the Citrix Desktop session and copy it, I won't be able to paste it on the users end device but will be able to paste it on the published Citrix application? Also the users end device will not be allowed  to copy in to the Citrix Desktop session or Citrix published application.

Below a diagram of how it should work. Thank you in advance.


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1 minute ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

If you launch the published app from inside the published desktop, then you can filter your policy so that it only enables clipboard for client names that match your VDA names.

Hi Carl,

Thank you for the response.

Copy/paste inside the desktop session works with the published app. But if I launch the published app outside as a separate session from the desktop session then I'm restricted. Is this by design or is there away around this?

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