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Citrix Netscalers in Azure Vmware Solution

Jason Martin


Hi all, we have quite a few VMware based NetScaler VPXs we're moving to AVS.  Most of those load balancers (in HA pairs) have VIPs that are on L4 and L7.  What's the best solution for for this as far as the Azure load balancer goes?  I know the standard Azure LB supports L4 and the Application Gateway supports L7, would I use both or one or the other in conjunction with the NetScaler VMs? 


My other question I had was, does AVS support VMSS?  As far as I can tell, it does.  We have multiple HA pairs that, at times can use over 6 Gbps throughput so need to make sure we can scale to support that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Jason M.

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Native Azure doesn't let you assign the same IP address to multiple VMs, so you instead assign the IP to a Layer 4 load balancer and the LB distributes the traffic across the multiple VMs. This is true for active/passive HA pairs and for active/active scale out.


Citrix ADM can push a VMSS of NetScalers to Azure. https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/citrix-application-delivery-management-service/hybrid-multi-cloud-deployments/autoscale-for-azure.html

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Thank you, Carl! I'm still learning how the cloud operates. Just so I understand:


1) AVS - No need for a load balancer (ALB) in front of an HA pair of NetScalers.

2) Azure Native - ALB is required in front of an HA pair of NetScalers. (I still don't understand this design. We have load balancers that are obviously handling L4 and L7. Do you need both here?)


Is my understanding correct? Also, for scaling out, we were looking at VMSS to autoscale as needed. Our primary issue is network throughput. Most of the time, throughput is under 1 Gbps; however, there are times when large data transfers are initiated, causing throughput to reach 6-7 Gbps. As far as I can tell, VMSS is an option; however, I haven't found any Microsoft documentation stating this. We'd prefer not to have to deploy 2-3 pairs of NetScalers to compensate for the difference. Hopefully, I don't sound too ignorant.

Thanks again for your input!





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