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Office apps crash without warning/log error.

Mark Destreel


We use Virtual Apps 2308 on Server 2019 with Shellbridge enabled and the ADAL keys removed. Office 365 on the VDA is version 2302.

Our users experience Office 365 applications crashing a couple seconds after opening. The window just dissapears without warning. I can't find anything in the logs.


This comes up every now and then. If i log on directly to the VDA with that user account, start Word, the issue is fixed for some time. So RDP directly works.

It's related to activation but since i've applied all the Citrix fixes i'm at loss here.


Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hello Mark,


Can you tell me what are the fixes from Citrix you already applied ?


Have you tried to disabled ShellBridge by putting its registry key to 0 ?


In the Citrix docs CVAD 2308 Fixed issues they talk about disabling Shellbridge : https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/whats-new/fixed-issues#sessionconnection





When the Shellbridge feature is enabled on the VDA, seamless application sessions from HTML5 and Android might show unexpected UI windows that can block user input. [CVADHELP-22984]




François BIAUCE

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