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Autoscale on Google Cloud failed, cannot access to new VPX with pre-definced nsroot password

Lucifer Yang

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Hi all:

   Does anyone have experience configuring Auto-Scaling on Google Cloud (GCP)? We're trying follow the steps here:

In 'Step 1 - Initialize Autoscale configuration in NetScaler ADM'


NetScaler Profile: Select the ADC profile from the list. NetScaler ADM uses the device profile when it requires to log on to the NetScaler VPX instance.


We need to choose a netscaler profile for future VPX nsroot password.

But when GCP auto-generate VPX VM instance, it will use instance-ID as nsroot password, which is not predictable, so this steps fail when ADM can not login the first VPX instance.


Any suggestion? thanks.



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