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Out of Band Management - Default Route


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I recently became the primary manager of some NetScaler ADCs, and thus VPX instances. We would like out of band management, on an internal management subnet, completely segregated from the data plane / interfaces. The issue is in order to effectively use the OOBM management, and the data interfaces "correctly" we would essentially need 2 default routes. One for the OOBM to point to its gateway for management only, and obviously the other for the data side of things for the VPX instance to route out its SNIP.


In a sense the "dream" solution would be similar to say a management VRF on a Cisco box where the management side of things has its own routing table, and the data plane then acts independently. I'm struggling to figure out if this is something that can actually be done with a VPX instance. Is this possible? We would want our management IP to flow out the copper management interface of the ADC, on the same subnet as the ADC's management interfaces live, and then everything else to flow out the default route for the data interfaces.


As of now it appears the only real option is specific routes to the OOBM management gateway, and then the default pointing to the data interfaces gateway. I appreciate any input on this.

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