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Citrix Director: Cannot retrieve the data. Data source unresponsive or reported an error. View Director server event logs for further information (Refer Citrix KB article CTX130320).

Jason Du Preez1709162718


Good day all,

I have a issue with Citrix Director 2203.0.300. Whenever I click on Trends and select Sessions, Failures, Logon Performance etc I get an error;

"Unexpected server error. View Director server event logs for further information (Refer Citrix KB article CTX130320)"

I've attached images to show you exactly what I see. I have checked SQL tables for NULL entries, reset performance counters and searched the end of the internet but with no luck.

If anyone could provide or shed some light I'd appreciate it!

Thank you in advance.



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13 hours ago, Franccedilois Biauce said:

Thank you for the reply Francois, appreciate it. I have tried the information you shared, with no luck ?

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11 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Great thank you Carl! Let me try this.


Just to confirm, this will have no impact on the current environment and users currently connected? I assume not as this is only applicable to the monitoring and the monitoring database unless the Site and Monitoring are utilizing the same database, which in my case, it's not, they have their own separate DB's.

Also, an example of what needs happen according to the article shared, if I'm correct.

On the DDC:
Open PowerShell

Add-PSSnapin Citrix*
Get-MonitorDbConnection >>> Get the connection string of your monitoring database
Set-MonitorConfiguration -DataCollectionEnabled $false

On the SQL Server
Rename the database without a whitespace. One way to do this is using SQL Management Studio. (Databasename 01 >>> Databasename_01)

Back on the DDC:
In your powershell window:
Set-MonitorDBConnection –DataStore Monitor –DBConnection $null
Set-MonitorDBConnection –DataStore Monitor –DBConnection "Server=Yoursqlserver;Initial Catalog=YourNewMonitoringDBName;Integrated Security=True"

Set-MonitorConfiguration -DataCollectionEnabled $True

Will provide feedback and confirm. Thank you!

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