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VDA authentication fails - login as different user - oAuth authentication

Arun Kumar K R

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Hi All,


We have configured oAuth using Authentication profile for Netscaler Gateway. Below are the queries which we have, can you please suggest.


1. User logged in to Gateway successfully and able to launch application from domain joined machine. If other user logged into the Gateway URL from the same device, user authentication, app enumeration is fine but VDA launch failed.

2. When user logoff from the Gateway page, it is redirecting to url/vpn/logout.html but when click on Logon button, it is not asking for authentication and directly populate application. this behavior is same even in private mode of browser.

3. is it possible to provide SF login page post authenticating via oAuth in Gateway. like 1st page oAuth and populate SF page for LDAP authentication.



NS firmware

SF : 2203 LTSR CU3.

Workspace : 2203, 1912, 2305


All users, Servers and client devices are in same domain. 


Can you please guide if this type environment supported by oAuth / SAML ?



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