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Restart schedule\Forcefully reboot non-persistent VDI machines

Steve Chambers




Looking for some suggestions or recommendations on how to forcefully reboot our non-persistent VDI machine on a daily basis. We have time out values set but some users seem to be circumventing this. Not sure if they just move their mouse every few hours, hit a keyboard key or use one of those water birds to peck the keyboard but pretty sure they are somehow able to keep their sessions alive so they never time out. Because of this some user sessions are alive for several days at a time.


If I set the Power Management Settings so that at 12am there are 0 machines, would this forcefully shutdown a VDI machine if a user is actively working? 


Just curious if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions. Maybe Citrix has something that can already do this, something we can already do with the XenApp servers.

Thank you!


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It would not.  It would only shutdown unused machines, but it would always leave 10% unless you modify the buffer from powershell.


I would setup a script to shutdown the machines at a set time.  That would force out anyone that is logged in.


I have a powershell script you can modify that should get you what you need.



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