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Query on MCS Dedicated Catalog migration from one Citrix Cloud Site to another Citrix cloud site.

Prakash V


The subjected windows 10 dedicated machines are hosted on Azure and planning to migrate them to different Citrix cloud site. There won’t be any changes to the Azure subscription where the VDA machines are currently hosted, only change is with the Citrix Cloud Site.


As per my understanding Dedicated machines once provisioned using a MCS catalog can only be migrated to a manual catalog without MCS.


With the existing environment (Citrix Cloud Site A) the VDA based are registering based on the MCS method through Personality.ini.

Citrix Cloud Site A is managed by different team , I don't have any control on the Site A configurations.


Each VDA machine is attached with an Identity disk contains a file CTXSOSID.INI holds the computer account password and Cloud connector details for registration.




ListOfDDCs=Cloudconnectorserver1, Cloudconnectorserver2

For testing we moved two dedicated machines of Citrix Site A to Site B (MCS Provisioned to Manual Catalog) and found the below observations

1)      Though the VDA machines are moved from MCS Provisioned Catalog to Manual Catalog, the Identity disk attached to the machines remains attached and points to the old Site A Cloud connector.

2)      During the restart of VDA machine, Personality.ini is injected or replaced with old cloud connector details from the identity disk so the test machines are registering to the old site instead of new site.


MCS-based registration method using Personality.ini is lowest priority and it can be easily overridden using other methods like GPO, but we have the following concerns.


a)       Our machine are dedicated machines, any GPO settings applied for the VDA registration will cache in the persistent machine registry and incase of rollback to previous Citrix site due to unforeseen situation, there are chances the cached registry settings will remain though the applied GPO settings are reverted.

b)      Since the machines are moved from MCS to Manual Catalog, should we retain the identity disk attached?  If we leave the Identity disk attached will there be any negative consequences which could be affecting later. Say like old password/setting synchronization issue.

Note: Detaching the Identity disk from the VDA machines and manually changing the  Personality.ini inside VDA to point the new Site B cloud connectors works fine even after  rebooting the VDA  machines. 


c)       Since the identity disk holds the computer account password and injects the details into the VDA machine during every reboot, Computer account password are by default reset every 30 days once, so will the new password automatically update on the identity disk? Or the Identity disk will continue to be injecting the old computer account password after expiry?




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