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New-Item: Attempts to perform operation failed. The license in use by the hosting connection is invalid.

Warren Simondson


Problem: I cannot create an AWS connector in order to use MCS to create EC2 VDI instances on AWS. This is not using Citrix Cloud. All of the Citrix infrastructure (DDC, license server, studio, etc) are EC2 instances in a VPC on the same private subnet.


Technical: To create an AWS connector from Citrix the following command is entered into powershell on the Citrix Studio or DDC server.



$hyp= New-Item -Path xdhyp:\Connections -Name “AWSEC2” -ConnectionType "AWS" -HypervisorAddress @("https://<AWS_URL>") -UserName "APIkey" -Password "Secret key"  -Persist



New-Item: Attempts to perform operation failed. The license in use by the hosting connection (AWSEC2) is invalid.


Can't find anything about this error. Any help appreciated.


NB: the license used is an CVAD 7.x advanced license. The license file has SaaS included:

INCREMENT XDT_ENT_CCS CITRIX 2024.1025 24-nov-2024 10 \

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Hi Warren,


my understanding is that hybrid rights are now replaced with universal, though not being involved in licence sales I may be off the mark 


good write up here on what the new state of play is https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2023/03/02/introducing-citrix-universal-licensing/


pretty much if your licencing doesn’t have either hybrid rights or isn’t of universal sku, you won’t be able to have a hosting connection into a public cloud provider of any type 


hope this helps a little 



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Thanks for the reply. could you expand on your statements please to assist:

1.  upgrade your license to support cloud support - what type of license need to be purchased? are you talking about a Hybrid Rights License?

2. setup the machine as non-controlled: can you explain how this is done please for others that may read this post please?


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James has the more fluent answer above for the universal licensing.  


If you setup a delivery controller on an AWS instance, and then install the Citrix VDA without MCS or PVS, you can then just create a machine catalog as an existing machine without provisioning.  This allows the VDA and controller to interact without talking to the AWS platform.



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No worries Warren, you are welcome. As a note also on the above, depending on your CVAD version, it’s likely that the broker will physically reject the registration of a VDA with or without power management, Citrix got pretty gangster with the lockdown on public cloud workloads 


Kind of thin on the ground over here with Citrix reps these days, if you need a hand getting in touch with the right folks, DM me and I’ll try and help 



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So, a little bit further on this one to help anyone in the future. The Citrix universal license was not the answer. As of the date of this write up, you can use CVAD advanced/premium on-prem term license to create cloud connections to AWS, Azure etc. Sadly, in AU, we don't have direct Citrix support anymore, and we have to rely on a dirty disti presales engineer to hopefully provide the right answers. I was told by the joker at the disti that it was the version of CVAD that we were running that was the issue. He said that we were running the latest CR (current release) version and cloud connections were only supported on LTSR. He then referred to this article https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/tech-zone/design/reference-architectures/citrix-virtual-apps-and-desktops-on-aws.html, and CTX270373 to solidify his statement. These articles are over 5 years old, and whilst relevant in technical details, they are outdated in version control. It's great that the dirty disti just Googled an answer instead of actually asking CSG (Citrix) directly. I thought it was odd that I was running other environments with CR versions and they worked, but because we "have" to follow a chain of command to get real support, I was bound to what the dirty disti was saying and I was obliged to stand up a LTSR environment to satisfy the result of escalation.

Well BS to this genius. CR or LTSR has no impact and both will work. I haven't stuck my head out in the Citrix space for a long while, so I'm proud to be a nobody, but when you reference an article written by a brother in arms, be prepared to be called out. I reached out to that person in the US, and sure enough the dirty disti presales engineer was full of BS and my brother helped me find the solution by providing the tools I needed.


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Hrmmm nice work- that article has this one nested which explains a few bits (hadn’t see this before) https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX270373/public-cloud-support-with-current-releases-and-long-term-service-releases


I wonder if the support person was hung up on 1912 LTSR which we had to guide customers towards when cloud hosting was removed from CR releases - they took it out in cvad 2009 or 2006 I can’t recall which one 


That aws article needs to be updated, I’ll ping it over and see if it can be fixed up. 

nobody is a nobody, thanks for sharing the above 

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