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Open File Security warning. driving me NUTS



Following our upgrade from 7.15 Server 2012R2 to 2303 and Server 2022 our VDA's keep giving 2 security warnings.
1. We can't verify who created this file are you sure you want to open this file
2. Opening these files might e harmful to your computer.

I've added the path to the servers in the Intranet Zones in GPO but nothing seems to get rid of these popups.
I've also noticed if I change the default intranet zone to say "low", when I run gpresult I see it's set to high. If I don't set it to low it doesn't show up in gpresult and I"m guessing it's set to default. What I mean is i don't understand how it's being set to high when I specifically set it to low. I've included a screen shot showing the settings of that GPO but I usually set this to unconfigured because it changes it to high.

What have I done
1. Set low risk file types
2. set intranet zone mapping with the server names, ip addresses and the mapped drive names into GP.
3. Intranet sites include all local intranet sites not listed in other zones- enable
4. intranet sites include all network paths -enable
5. intranet sites all sits that bypass the proxy serve -enable
6. Intranet zone- Show security warning of potentially unsafe files-Enable


I'm at wits end. What am I missing?




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I still never got the IE trusted groups to work. Only thing I got working was adding the file ext to the trusted extensions list. This fixed some of the warnings but when copying from a network drive to another network drive users still get warnings. There are still warnings for other file actions too.


Any one have an idea what I'm missing?

I tried putting all kind of naming conventions into my IE trusted list but it doesn't seem to make a dif.

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