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Disabling Fast Reconnect is breaking Citrix Policies - 2203

Louis Radley




We are working on an issue that seems to be already flagged here on this article:



The workaround is to disable the session idle timer policy, which we cannot and instead internally have this set to 10 hours or Disable the FastReconnect on the VDA - however this breaks the citrix polices we have in place such as printer redirection.


This seems to be only a Windows Server 2019 as we do not see the issue in 2016 -  Yet to test 2022. We are also using Citrix VDA 2203 CU1 & CU3.


We are now stuck in this position, and we are currently not getting any feedback from Citrix about this.


Has anyone come across this?


Would really appreciate any feedback or guidance on this?

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50 minutes ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

Where are you setting the Citrix policies?  From studio, or GPO?  Moving them to GPO might provide faster enumeration with the disabled FastReconnect.

Thats right through GPO.


We are aware of the issues with fast reconnect being enabled breaking users connecting back to their disconnected\ existing sessions  - which is why we have to disable that.


If we do enable the fast reconnect it fixes the Citrix policy -  but as just mentioned it breaks the part above.


this is only affecting server 2019, so we are in this difficult situation where we cant fix something without breaking the other.

We are also getting nothing back from citrix on this!

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