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User layer and BGInfo

Alexey Kutuzov1709163409


Hi All,
Came accross with a specific thing of the user layer (ELM2306 + CVAD 1912CU8 LTSR + Windows 10 1809 LTSR delivered by PVS).
We use BgInfo as an application layer (actually we tried as an elastic too).
So to trigger BgInfo and update a wallpaper immediately after the full screen mode change to the windowed one (and vice versa) we use a schedule and GPO which is based on the event ID "4107 Display". This configuration works well and stable without the user layer.

However, as soon as the user layer is enabled the event ID "4107 Display" appears at the first user logon to a pooled desktop only.

Whereas all the following (same) user logons (to the other pooled desktops of the same DG) the event ID "4107 Display" does not appear in the Event log.

As soon as the user layer is switched off the BgInfo starts working as expected and updating the wallpaper on switching the screen modes full screen mode <-> windowed mode.


Any ideas?


PS As workaround we use GPO now with 5 mins refresh time. But a huge drawback is the wallpaper update does not happen immediately after screen mode change.

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