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Citrix profiles teams onedrive sync storage need

Björn Schläfli


I would be interested to know how you deal with the increased storage requirement or is that not an issue for you? We have around 6000 user profiles. I read in Citrix Techzone that 6 GB per VHDX with Teams, OneDrive and Outlook cache are expected. For this amount of users, that's a huge amount of storage required. Otherwise what are your experiences with vhdx (fslogix or citrix) profiles for teams and onedrive?

Now our traditional citrix upm profiles are around 400 mb in size. 

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Caching does make the profiles balloon up.  But there are ways to keep them as lean as possible.


1. Exclude temp and cache from roaming with the profile. (Edge, Chrome, and Teams are a big waste of space.)

2. Use Files on Demand to only roam down from OneDrive items that are being used.

3. Dehydrate your OneDrive so that if things fall out of time frame they get sent back to cloud only.

4. Compact profiles so that empty space is returned to the system.


I wrote up a huge article on this that works really well.  The majority of my profiles are under 1 GB, and only a few people that do a lot of Office work have the profiles over 5 GB.



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