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Change IP Address of MAS

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I am about to do a DR test of our systems. One of these is the MAS system. We replicate our important VM's at a storage level. This is running version 13.1

It is a bit of overkill to have a full HA mode on the MAS, as we only use it for supplying pooled licences to the ADC's, nothing else (guessing standard licence should be enough for this, not platinum that we have at the moment)

This is currently configured using a static IP (dont think it can do DHCP?) but when we bring this up on the DR site I cannot see how can change the IP from the command line.

The only thing that I have found is the post below, but it does not mention how to do it. The commands that I can find from long ago all seem to be missing from this release.

Can anybody point me in the right direction to change the IP of the MAS from the console?




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From the GUI

Under Settings-->Administration--> Network Configurations --> IP Address  you can adjust the IP there.

From the CLI

login with nsrecover for the username nsroot for the password.  Then execute ./networkconfig to get the cli setup for setting the base ip.


NetScalers also can be offline from the license server for up to 30 days and still work.  So if DR instances are going to be shorter than that I wouldn't worry too much about DR of it.


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