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Upgrade to 13.1-xx.xx standalone breaks Citrix Gateway

Robby Lambrechts

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I normally configure every Netscaler ADC with the Xenapp and Xendesktop wizard. Bind certificate, bind authentication method and select storefront => done and download zip file to upload the config into Citrix Storefront to setup the Citrix gateway and TADA everything works like expected. However I noticed as of version 13.1-build-xx.xx this does not work in combination with the Citrix Workspace app it gives the error "unable to add the account with the given server URL. I then found on reddit someone saying the following which pointed me in the right direction:



if you use Citrix ADC 13.1-xx.xx Build, you will need to configure authentication profile on Citrix Gateway vServer (which redirects auth to aaa auth server). "Old" authentication (classic expressions) are not working anymore with workspace app and since you cannot directly bind advanced authentication policies to Gateway vServer, you will need to work with authentication profile.


I'm quite sure this is also my issue, but the question is how do I configure an authentication profile to redirect the basic auth to aaa auth. Can someone provide me a small guide, this will be much appreciated! Also does this work with a Standard VPX License?


Thank you in advance!

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