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Storefront Timeout Refreshing Page and Not Logging out

Joseph Cutter

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Hey everyone we have a unique issue that we are seeing in our environment. This is a new setup but we are having an issue where we have a 5 minute session timeout setup in receiver for web and at the end of the countdown, it just refreshes the page and doesn't logout. If you have the page in focus or the active tab showing it works fine but if you minimize the browser or open a diff tab it works fine. We are going in through a FIPS 13.1 ADC (latest patched version). The weird thing is if I set it to 2 minutes it works fine every time. Anyone have any suggestions? We have a ticket open but wont be working with them till tomorrow. I feel like this is a new issue since we just patched our NetScaler VPX with the latest patch but since its a new environment that's not even in prod yet I'm not fully 100%.



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What cookie version is configured on your NetScaler: v0 or v1?  Check under System > Global Settings, HTTP Parameters (right pane).  If v0, change to v1 (possibly a clock difference between test client and ADC; v1 should switch to relative timestamps).


And check your clock date/time/timezone on the NetScaler.


In addition to your storefront timeout, if you are load balancing storefront, what is the cookie persistence timeout?  Make it match your session timeout (cookie persistence is 2 min by defaul).  


Make sure caching is disabled on ADC while you test.

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