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Missing policy after reboot??

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Netscaler 13.0 on VMWare.

Configuration successful with DUO Security SSO - all working ok.


After a Netscaler reboot, the Advanced Authentication Policy and respective Action are missing (Security - AAA - Application Traffic - Policies -Authentication - Advanced Policies - Authentication Policies) brooking the SSO method.


Never saw this before - Any idea what could be the problem?


Many thanks.


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If your authentication policy involves a login schema that isn't present on the system, then the next save config will forget the dependency.

Is your snapshot a disk capture or a memory state capture? Is it possible it was a memory state, but you failed to save changes prior to reboot?


Be sure your config is in fact saved prior to reboot. And do a diff of the saved/running config to look for changes.  But if possible compare the file state for missing dependent files.

Login Schemas go to /nsconfig/loginschema


Check syslog/nslog for possible error indicators.


Is this appliance in an ha pair and is in fact a secondary member being overwritten by a primary in a different state?


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