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Nvidia GPU with multi-session VDA

Markus Hubmann


We want to install a Nvidia A16 graphic card in our new Citrix multi-session VDA environment.

The plan is to use an unsupported scenario with a Windows Hyper-V server as hypervisor and then use dedicated GPU pass-through for the Citrix multi-session OS.

Would a single Nvidia vPC license work for this scenario?


While reading this document https://images.nvidia.com/content/Solutions/data-center/deployment-guide-vgpu-software-citrix-apps-desktops-citrix-hypervisor.pdf we found this Note:


For NVIDIA vApps you can use Citrix Virtual Apps with a multi-session OS, and for NVIDIA vPC and RTX vWS you can use Citrix Virtual Desktop and is limited to single-session OS

Unfortunately, Citrix Virtual Desktops with a multi-session OS is not mentioned..

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You can write to the XenServer forum, but regardless if XenServer of XCP-vg, my receollection from a few years ago is that you will need a license for the server and one each for every possible user connection you make, in other words, a maximum limit. If that limit is, say, 50, then you'd need 51 licenses. Unless something drastic has changed, of course.

Better yet, contact your NVIDIA sales representative for a definitive response.

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