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Onboarding On-Premises StoreFront to Citrix Analytics not working

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Is anyone else having issues getting Citrix Analytics to work for on-premises deployments using the PowerShell script? 


All connections to different required URLs are successful, and there are no errors.


I have tried all the troubleshooting steps recommended in this article and also followed the manual steps to register storefront outlined in this article and I still cannot get Citrix Cloud/Anaytics to detect our Storefront.


I will include the three log files Citrix recommends collecting and sending to them for review. I'm hoping someone here can give us some guidance if they've had similar issues and got it working.


Citrix Version: 2203 LTSR

citrix_analytics_assistant-12_10_2023-12_23_50.log log.log EGLABStore000.txt

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I just did this to my test lab without issues

downloaded the PowerShell script and ran it without issues.

Getting data in my Cloud Analytics consoles.

originally did this on the StoreFront server running 2203 LTSR CU3 but then upgraded it to CU4 and  still working.




Ken Z



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We're you able to get this working?  We're having the same issue with an on-prem storefront 2203 LTSR CU4 server.  Ran the powershell but nothing is happening on the DaaS portal for it.  Domains are all whitelisted.

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