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How to count users connecting via Workspace service?



Like (I suspect) many cloud customers, we primarily use on-prem Netscalers to connect to the service.  But we know that some users are connecting via the Workspace service (ie the xxxx.cloud.com URL provided as part of the Citrix Cloud service).


I would like to get a count of the number of users doing so; if I go into Session Details from Monitor then I can see 'Workspace' listed in the Launched Via section on the session details for users connected that way, whereas an IP is shown for those using our Netscalers.  However I can't find a way of filtering for that on the Trends bit of Monitor.  Has anyone else come across this and found a way of getting a count of sessions established through the Workspace service?  There is a checkbox for Launched Via on Connections, but that just shows 'n/a' for all sessions.


NB I have also tried using the Licensing bit of Citrix Cloud.  That does show users connecting that way, but exporting the table as a CSV just makes a complete mess of the dates/times column so it's painful trying to get Excel to do anything useful with the data.  All I want is an approx number of users per day connecting via Workspace - this can't be that hard, surely?

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